Salvador Escobales


Fellow Union Brothers and Sisters,

My name is Sal Escobales and I am the Union President for Local 871.  I am a life-long resident of New Britain. I have been teaching science at New Britain High School for 18 years.  During my career I have taught grades 9 through 12, and have taught Biology at all levels at NBHS. I am proud to say that I am a graduate of NBHS (Class of 89) and was my family’s first generation college student. I am the son of a Union dad who spent 32 years at Stanley tools and witnessed first-hand the power that a truly United Union can bring to bear.  I attended Vance School and Slade Middle School before attending NBHS. I have a Masters Degree in Biology and a 6th year in administration from Central Connecticut State University. I have a second Masters in Educational Technology from the University of Saint Joseph. I am a veteran of Operation Desert Shield/Storm. I am a husband and father of two beautiful daughters who attend the New Britain School system. I was also a Union representative at NBHS for 5 years, prior to running for Union president. defines a Labor Union as an association, combination, or organization of employees who band together to secure favorable wages, improved working conditions, and better work hours, and to resolve grievances against employers.  While I agree that being in a Union provides these benefits, I would also say that Unions also provides another important benefit and that is the ability to aggregate and exert power. That power can be social,  political, community based, regional or national. At a time when the middle class is disappearing in this country, Unions have been able to provide the political pressure to resist the attacks on the middle class.  In those places where labor unions exist, work safety rates, salaries and benefit scales, and legal protections for workers remain at higher rates than comparable positions in the private sector. Unions do matter and my job is to make sure that Local 871 members in New Britain are respected, protected, and empowered.

Sue Humanick

High School Vice President

This is my fifth year as NBHS VP. Prior to this I was on the elections committee and served as the committee chair. I’m also the advisor for the NBHS Asian-American Club. I love working for the greater good of our membership and believe we can change things with our collective unified voice. On a personal note, I love anything to do with the ocean and my travel revolves around places where I can surf. Some short term goals are to surf in Morocco, learn the ukulele, and get my pilot’s license.


Laura Skinner

Elementary Vice President

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Stephen Gray

Elementary Vice President

Being the Vice President of the Union has afforded me the opportunity to speak on behalf of our union members and advocate for our teachers Being part of an active Union and standing up for our rights are lessons I share with my daughters on a regular basis. We need the future to realize the positive impact Unions have had on our country.

William Sanford


Hi my name is Bill Sanford and I am your local 871 Union Treasurer.  I have been employed in the New Britain school system since 1996 working at New Britain High School as a math teacher.  I have been an officer in the union since 2007 starting as the Recording Secretary.  I got involved in the union because I wanted to make sure all of local 871 members are treated fairly.


Daniel Blanchard

Executive Secretary

I think my entrance to the union as an officer for the NBFT was just a natural thing. I was teaching social studies at the high school when a fellow social studies teacher asked me to run for a union position with him. We had talked a lot about labor and unions in our social studies classes, and the union had helped me out on a couple occasions, so I said, "Yes."


Now all these years later, I still teach social studies and see on a regular basis how important of a role unions and labor play in this country. Also, I now have five children of my own, and I want every one of them to have a fighting chance to live a decent life where there work is respected and paid well. 


The unions help bring respect to labor, and are the only thing big enough to push back the assault on the working class this country has been engaged in for the last 50 years. Every one should do something to help unions so they can also indirectly help themselves, their off spring and the working class of America. 


Basia Maselek

Recording Secretary

As a product of our New Britain public school system, and a second generation New Britain teacher, giving back is very important to me, both to the students and to the teachers.  Since my first few years of teaching I have been an active member of the NBFT attending meetings and becoming informed about the power of the union.  I began as a union building rep in 2007, e-board Liaison to the professional council, and for the last 8 years I have been the NBFT recording secretary.  I am married to my wonderful husband Mariusz and have 2 sons, Jozef and Adam who love to travel, ski, and take hikes.  

Middle School Vice President

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Cliff Parker