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Dan Blanchard

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  • 30 years teaching experience

My Story

I think my entrance to the union as an officer for the NBFT was just a natural thing. I was teaching social studies at the high school when a fellow social studies teacher asked me to run for a union position with him. We had talked a lot about labor and unions in our social studies classes, and the union had helped me out on a couple occasions, so I said, "Yes."


Now all these years later, I still teach social studies and see on a regular basis how important of a role unions and labor play in this country. Also, I now have five children of my own, and I want every one of them to have a fighting chance to live a decent life where there work is respected and paid well. 


The unions help bring respect to labor, and are the only thing big enough to push back the assault on the working class this country has been engaged in for the last 50 years. Every one should do something to help unions so they can also indirectly help themselves, their off spring and the working class of America. 


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